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Motorcycle –
PDC Code A

Manual or Automatic Transmission

₱ 0, 000

Tricycle –
PDC Code A1

Manual or Automatic Transmission

₱ 0, 000

Sedan Car –
PDC Code B

Manual or Automatic Transmission

₱ 0, 000

Van –
PDC Code B1

Manual or Automatic Transmission

₱ 0, 000

Theoretical Driving Course

The TDC or Theoretical Driving Course, is required for new drivers and applicants who seek to have a driver’s license for the first time. They will be given a certificate after completing the 15-hour TDC lecture, which is one of the requirements for obtaining a Student-Driver’s Permit.

Online or Face to Face

₱ 0, 000

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Here are the few steps on how you can enroll now in AVS DRIVING SCHOOL.


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This can be discussed with the Driving School Staff.



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